Privacy and security

Most companies neglect entirely about security and privacy concerns to minimise costs.

IQ Tax Accountants and Business Advisors has a strict policy on client data, where staff is educated on potential threats and how to handle these threats. IQ Tax Accountants and Business Advisors has very secured premises and all data is stored on server.

We have strict security policy in place stating clear standards and guidelines for client work. The stakeholders of IQ Tax Accountants and Business Advisors finalize these guidelines with the assistance from IT team.

All our computers are installed with latest version of anti viruses; firewall software and professional IT Manager perform regular check on all computers and systems.

We handle all documents (mostly electronic information) same way and in accordance with best practices in the industry. Information in secured on a server and does not leave our office. All staff members are fully trained on how to handle various sensitive documents and stored appropriately. Security rules prohibit data from being copied to portable devices or use of personal e-mails. Staff recruitment are done with stringent controls while doing background and reference checks.