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Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) – SMSF Administration Services

If you want to have more say in how your retirement savings are invested, SMSFs provide the most flexible and cost effective superannuation platform this is available in Australia.
Running your own SMSF has huge taxation implications many of which can be used to deliver major tax benefits that enable you to do “more with less”. You need right tax planning for an enormously comfortable retirement or to provide a substantial legacy for future generations.

However, superannuation and taxation laws are complex and constantly changing. You need to make sure that your retirement vehicle is structured in the most optimal way, pro-actively managed and regularly reviewed. This makes it important for the fund administration of a SMSF to be carried out by an organisation that can provide a premium comprehensive service ensuring your peace of mind.

Our SMSF administration services include administration, accounting and taxation and compliance component. Some of the key functions we perform include:

SMSF compliance

SMSFs must comply with Australian superannuation legislation to be eligible for various tax concessions. The sole purpose of all superfunds is to provide retirement benefits to members (or their beneficiaries after death). This objective should be outlined in the fund’s trust deed.
Fund trustees are responsible for ensuring that their fund passes the sole purpose test and that it complies with other superannuation legislative obligations, such as:

  • residency requirements,
  • developing an investment strategy and ensuring that all investment decisions are consistent with it,
  • considering member insurance needs,
  • only accepting contributions from fund members,
  • only making super benefit payments to members who have met a condition of release,
  • monitoring total super balance and transfer caps,
  • administration, reporting and record-keeping requirements,
  • appointing a registered auditor, and
  • lodging the fund’s annual return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and paying tax

The ATO can impose a range of penalties on SMSF trustees who fail to meet their compliance obligations, depending on the severity of the non-compliance. It may be worthwhile for some trustees to obtain professional advice to help ensure their legal compliance

SMSF Outsourcing Services

When it comes to operation costs, human services are the most significant expense for any accounting practice and in particular when it comes to specialist in SMSF.

Even though the SMSF area is growing at rapid rate many accounting practices has struggled to take advantage of this potential growth area and all this because of lack of resources. Large SMSF Specialist advisory firms are expanding as they have right resources and also at the expense of other accounting firms who lack these resources.

The concept of our “SMSF Outsourcing Service” is a step in that direction, where we offer to fill that gap. We lend helping hand to these small and medium accounting practices by providing additional resources. With our backing and support our clients feel more confident and move more aggressively in SMSF Market.

Benefits to you

  • We are specialized in and one stop for all your SMSF needs, if you want your SMSF business to deliver real value and return then we can help achieve it.
  • As each client has distinct needs, we offer customized services keeping in mind your interest. We are committed to the success of your business by offering a valuable, high quality and secure services within Australia. This opportunity provides you with exceptional client services and unprecedented support. As specialists in SMSF’s, we continuously develop our knowledge ensuring high standards and quality technical support.
  • Our extensive and professional range of customized services to accounting practices and financial planners’ ensures cost savings of up to 50%.
  • Our services can result in huge savings in many employee related expenses and most firms can further save minimum of $3,000p.a for software expenses, as we can provide all financial statements, documents and tax lodgement services.
  • We offer administration, compliance and lodgement services for SMSF at very competitive prices. We also assist our clients by offering services in setting up new SMSF, Ordering/updating new Trust deed, corporate trustee and pension documents.

Our foremost talent is years of practical experience in day-to-day managing, dealing with the legislative, operational requirements and compliance of self managed superannuation funds.

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